Tip # 6

Do you really know what your priorities are? Many people think they do and proclaim them loudly. But nothing is running smoothly in their lives and stress keeps piling up. Something is very wrong.

So how do you know you are being honest with the priorities you profess to have?

Here is one way to find out: Check your actions. Are they congruent with what you say or think?

People say their priorities are family, but they rarely have time to spend with their children. They say they will fix the roof but another day passes and the roof is still leaking. They say it is peace, but they cheer for war. They say it is education but they don’t do their homework. They say it is to help others but they have no time to mow their sick neighbor’s lawn. They say it is to be healthy but they don’t exercise and they eat fast food.

I’m sure you could add another dozen. One of my priorities is writing, but somehow the day disappears and everything else has come first.

To live more consciously,try this exercise:
1. Write down five of your present priorities.
2. List them in order of importance.
3. Now keep a daily journal of your actions as related to those priorities. How long did you spend on each? Did your actions match your priorities? If yes, give yourself a standing ovation. If not, it is time to be honest with yourself. Are these really the priorities for you? If not, admit it and make new ones you wish to live with. If you really want these to be your priorities determine to notice and change your actions consciously. I call it conscious priorities.

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