This is my oldest adopted granddaughter! She is now 7 years old and is devouring Harry Potter. At 10 months of age our daughter and son-in- law picked her up in China and she is one of the most intelligent, sweet children I have ever met. Of course a grandmother has to say that, but in this case it’s true! Mei Yuan was left in front of a social services building in a cardboard box with a blanket, a diaper, and a bottle of milk. She was one of the lucky abandoned girls in China. She was placed in a loving foster family from the start with excellent nutrition and care. Many of the children are not so lucky. Now she is a full fledged American citizen with all the priveleges of a great family, great education in a Montessori school, and a country where she is free to speak her truth and worship as she wishes.

A question keeps popping into my mind. What if someday children such as this will lead the way to negotiations and peace between America and their birthplace, China? That is my hope.

Try out this You-Tube Hot Link below called “Spicy Girl.”

When you click on the short video below you will see my second granddaughter from China, Shana Wu. She came to us last March at two and a half years old. She is a little chatterbox and very outgoing, and learned many words in English within the first 5 months of being here. Amazing! Although we have little history about her, she spent all but a year of her time in an orphanage with several other children in the same room. The last year she spent with a loving older couple who were very attached to her. When you see the video you will notice she has crossed eyes, probably the reason she was not adopted earlier. But Tonya and Chris fell in love with her when they saw her picture. Since then Shana has had surgery.

Spicy Girl         Click on You-Tube video of Shana.  Very funny and cute!

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