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Tip 1 to Cope with Post Trauma Stress.

Most of us deal with severe post trauma stress at some time in our lives be it as a child, adolescent, or adult. These are times when we are afraid we or a loved one will be severely injured or will die. The stress may have come from a man-made disaster such as war...

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Tip # 23 Stay in the Moment to Reduce Stress

It's easier to go into the future or into the past and ruminate rather than to stay in the moment. Looking at the world around me a feeling of hopelessness sometimes overcomes me. "What in the world are we doing? How can humans be so cruel to each other? How can we...

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Tip #20 Are you depressed or anxious? Watch more news.

Watching more news when you are depressed or anxious sounds completely counterintuitive. But is it? You are feeling down. Your life is not the way you would want it to be. Your child got an F in one of his classes. Your best friend is moving. Your mate left. You are...

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Tip #3: Wait to worry

Did you know that worry is only 8% efficient according to researchers? In plain words, out of a hundred worries you will have, only eight will come true and ninety two will not. Wow! I doubt any of us would buy anything that didn't work 92% of the time. We'd throw it...

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How can you Help Prevent Veteran Suicides?

  In January, 2015 Senator McCain and Senator Blumenthal reintroduced the Clay Hunt veterans suicide act and it passed immediately. Although the act will cost $22 million in federal funding, that amount, according to the Washington Post, is less than the cost of...

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Attitude changes post trauma stress

Tip#8: What attitude do we have after a trauma?  The truth is that ultimately how we relate to trauma situations has a lot less to do with what really happened, and a lot more with what we think about the things. And that is what we call attitude. Here is a situation...

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Plan ahead and choose action to reduce your stress

Tip # 7: This tip ties in with the former one on priorities. Some people seem to think that we can choose to be stress free, but the truth is that our unconcious mind is pretty strong and keeps us worrying about one thing or another. Besides, an optimal level of...

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What are your priorities? Reduce your stress level.

Tip # 6 Do you really know what your priorities are? Many people think they do and proclaim them loudly. But nothing is running smoothly in their lives and stress keeps piling up. Something is very wrong. So how do you know you are being honest with the priorities you...

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Positive Psychology: Depression and anxiety

Tip #5: Cognitive therapy, analyzing negative thoughts and feelings, is a very effective way to help people get past their depression and anxieties. But some psychologists say that there is another important approach often overlooked. Emphasize the positive and your...

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Guilt and forgiveness tip for PTS

Tip #4: People ask me why I haven't kept up with my blog tips for coping with post trauma stress. It would probably take me at least a thousand words to explain my last couple of months, but basically the truth is that I chose not to take the 30 minutes a day that it...

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How to cope with Post Trauma Stress.

I am presently writing a book specifically addressed to veterans and their families called "How to Cope with Post Trauma Stress before it becomes a Disorder." I have a deep concern for our veterans who will be coming home from overseas in greater and greater numbers...

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Breaking the Stress Patterns

Here is a picture of me in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. See my big smile? That's because I have nothing to worry about while I'm there! It's true that not everyone can take off and go to Mexico for a while to break the stress pattern in their life. But it is also true...

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