Sandplay Therapy BookSandplay Therapy:

A Step-by-Step Manual for Psychotherapists of Diverse Orientations

written by Barbara L. Boik and E. Anna Goodwin was published in 2000 by W.W. Norton. It received many excellent reviews in psychological journals and is still one of the definitive works on Sandplay out there. The book has sold well both nationally and internationally and in 2001 was translated into Chinese.

For those of you who do not know what Sandplay is, it is a powerful healing technique that utilizes a small tray with wet or dry sand in which clients create scenes using miniature objects. Most of the work is done by the unconscious mind and the technique is very effective as an adjunct to other therapies, especially if a client feels stuck . What’s great is that it can be used with not only children but with adults, couples, families and even groups.

TESTIMONIAL on book cover:

“It was a privilege for me to read this book. Sandplay Therapy is the most comprehensive and informative book on the subject that I have ever read. It is a wonderful feeling for me to be able to recommend a book I so deeply appreciate.”

Violet Oaklander, PHD,  Author, Window to our  Children,  Director, Violet Oaklander Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

The book is for sale both at W.W. Norton and Amazon. If you want to know more go to “contact us” and ask a question or make a comment.

Stress after trauma F-CoverHow to Cope With Stress After Trauma:

Especially for Veterans, Their Families, and Friends

Do you or someone you know suffer from the stress of a past trauma, especially of war?

Do you or a loved one jump at unexpected noises, have nightmares and trouble sleeping? Do you or a loved one have uncontrollable outbursts of anger or have difficulty functioning from day to day since a severe trauma? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people on the planet have reacted to trauma in similar ways. There is hope and help for you.

Our troops are returning with invisible wounds and many are not receiving help. Often neither they or their loved ones know what to do in order to recover. This book is a comprehensive and detailed guide, especially for veterans, their families and friends, to help them cope with the stress they are having after their war experiences. Although the examples and stories given are specifically of veterans, the steps are just as valuable for others who are severely stressed after a trauma. Also therapists and groups might with to use the strategies and steps in this book as an adjunct to what they are already doing.

The book includes:

  • A test to determine your stress level
  • Relevant information about post-trauma stress including history, recent research, and symptoms
  • Twenty steps to recovery (Do all of them or select the ones that are best for you.)
  • Help for family and friends
  • A Poem, The Healing Wall, by Patrick Overton, a Vietnam veteran

“It took less than three pages for me to realize I wasn’t reading a book about someone else with PTS, I was reading about me! That realization caught me off guard. And in so many unexpected ways, this book has changed my life…Every veteran (and your family members), regardless of the war in which you served and regardless of the experience you had in that war, needs to read this book.”

— Patrick Overton, Ph.D in Communications, Vietnam veteran

“This book offers our veterans and their loved ones a path towards resilience and healing. The author’s perspective and approach are well informed and reveal the depth of her experience.”

— Dante Rumore, MSW, post-war readjustment therapist and Marine Corp veteran


Available now from Amazon Kindle for $5.99

Paperback edition available now from for $14.23

Use PayPal to buy the book for $12.99

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