My murder mystery/psychological suspense is now for sale. When people read the story they invariably gawk at me, shudder and say, “How in the world did you come up with these ideas? They could never have happened.”

Besides having an analytical mystery writers fevered brain and knowing a psychiatrist who settled for 10 million dollars in a lawsuit for implanting false memories in an abused client, I listened for years to 35 stories a week of situations I thought impossible but were actually true.

When I had a private practice with two other psychotherapists, we used to shake our heads as we passed each other in the hall and say the proverbial phrase, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” One of my colleagues used to say we should be consultants tomystery authors and writers of soap operas. This book is my answer to those suggestions.

So, much of the story, Justice Forbidden, actually comes from truth, stories I have heard, woven together to create a shocking tale most people will never forget.

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