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Here are some questions I am frequently asked plus the answers:


Q. Why did you decide to start writing fiction instead of non-fiction?

A. I am still writing non-fiction, but what excites me now is fiction    because after listening to many tragic stories over the years and having no control over the endings, I finally have the freedom to make things happen in just the way I want.

There is another reason I write fiction. I  have found that I can frequently tell truth more clearly in fiction than in non-fiction. Sounds strange, but like parables, a fiction story can be used as a symbol for real life and can lead the way to great change.

Q. How did you get the idea for this book?

A. During my years of private practice working with people who had suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to childhood abuse, I often felt frustrated by the fact that the vast majority of them would never see justice in their lifetimes. It was forbidden to them. And then I wondered about memories – and so did they. Were their memories really true?  Had they changed over the years? It is only recently that research data is revealing exactly what is happening in the brain when you remember. Fascinating! What a powerful mind we have.

The idea about being sued by a client for implanting false memories came to me when I got to know a well-known psychiatrist who had dealt with the situation several years ago and landed up settling for 10 million dollars.

Put Post Traumatic Stress Disorder together with memories and a lawsuit, then toss in the fertile imagination of a writer who loves psychology and mystery and you’ve got “Justice Forbidden.”

Q. Are any of the facts, places and characters true?

A. Yes, the facts about memory have been well researched and I’ll write more about that later. As far as the place, of course Boulder Colorado is real and most of the names of streets, etc are real. However, the Boulder Professional Building, the street Dr. Faythe Bradington lives on, and the plot come from my over-active imagination and have no basis in fact. Although I have combined the history of several clients, much of Kera’s abuse history is based on a client I saw who asked me to and gave me permission to write about it.

Q. Will there be another book about these characters?

A. Yes. This is a Dr. Faythe Bradington fiction series. In the next psychological suspense there will be at least as many twists and turns as this one but it will have another treat. You will learn much more about Kera, as well as how I worked with her. I am writing “Justice Reclaimed” at present.

Q. (Here is one that always gives me a laugh.) Why did you choose Boulder, Colorado? Do you know Stephen White, the psychologist who writes best seller mysteries?

A. Sorry, I don’t know Stephen White, but I’d love to. He writes terrific stories. Actually when I started this story I had not heard of him. Like many people I had been so entrenced in my work that I read little fiction, and a lot more textbooks.

The reason I chose Boulder was that my daughter, son-in-law and my two adopted granddaughters live there, and I loved the place. Besides, it gave me an excuse to go there more often!


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