Do you believe in miracles? My sister, whose husband died a few years ago, became very attached to a small black poodle her son had brought her during her husband’s illness. That little dog helped her through the most traumatic time in her life. He became her continuous companion. And then a few weeks ago he died of an unexpected heart attack.

I was concerned about my sister. Another big loss and Herby meant so much to her. She said that if she ever got another dog she would want one just like Herby, but she had no idea where she would find one that was already housebroken and not too expensive. So I called her today and wow! She greeted me enthusiastically with the words, “I got a Harley.” “A what?” I said. MY sister ride a Harley? Never!

Here’s the miracle: My sister lives in a small town near Winnipeg. Her daughter in Ottawa had decided that her mother needed another dog and she checked the internet. And in the same small town where my sister lives, she found a four year old miniature black poodle that needed a home. He was not fitting into the breeder’s dog pack. My sister called and hurried over. And there was little Harley, a scrawny little black poodle, who ran right up to her and buried his face into her neck. Harley came home with her a few days ago and settled in as though he had been her dog all along.

Have you had miracles happen to you or someone you know? Share them with me.

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