Tip #15: Have you heard of  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)? Some people know it as “Tapping.”  Few people, however,  know how well tapping works to reduce stress and PTSD. There are no guarantees of course, but what seems like miracles happen for many people.

The theory is that the body carries electrical charges and when those are disturbed the body and emotions go out of whack. EFT is called an energy psychology method and it taps into the body energy system somewhat like accupuncture taps into the meridians of the body and balances energy. It reduces the hyperarousal in the body and brain and allows people to think rationally.

The method is relatively simple and although it is advisable to work with a practitioner it is not essential. You need no needles or instruments except for the tips of your fingers and a few words to address your issues. You can do it yourself.

Here are two of the miracles I have actually seen: 

1.  A Vietnam veteran (front lines, hand to hand combat) who had been taking drugs to help him sleep and remain sane since the war 40 years ago, learned  about tapping only recently. Six months later, he is drug free.

2.  Another woman, a victim of ritual abuse, has tapped her way to physical and emotional health and has changed dramatically over the last couple of years.

And the technique is now used on returning vets with incredible success. As with everything else it means you will need to be consistent about using the technique daily and for at least 15 minutes. Many people tap as soon as they feel stress coming on and it lowers their emotional response.

Here is a link that will take you to a site that will show you how to get started. Nick Ortner www.thetappingsolution.com

Use it for yourself or tell someone else so they too can get past some of the pain they still carry in their body and mind.

If you have used EFT successfully (or not) leave a comment.

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