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Why we need humor in our lives. How to create it.

Do any of you write humor or want to create jokes to tell? I am probably one of the worst humor writers on the planet, but I'm learning. So here I am, learning quickly---or not. To start off with, select a topic you know nothing about and doesn't excite you! When I...

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What does the Research say about Memory?

Recently I read the quote, "We are now in the age of brain and memory research." It's about time I said to myself. What we knew about these topics until a few years ago was mere speculation and could have fit into a shoebox.   Have you ever wondered whether your...

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Create the Future you Envision

Have you ever wondered what could help you create the future you want? What are your dreams? Sure, you have probably heard that you must be clear about your goals and yes that is the first step. You have also heard about affirmations and yes that is another very...

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What happens in the brain with Post Trauma Stress?

What happens in the brain and body when you have post trauma stress? Included is a simple drawing of the parts of the brain for an explanation of trauma and stress, and PTSD.  Of course the brain is not nearly as simple as I'm making it but it will help you understand...

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Are you a Resilient person? Check here.

If you are stressed and have difficulty coping with it,  it is time to look at what you need to learn to help you become a more resilient person in the future. Here are some characteristics that researchers have discovered occur most frequently in resilient people who...

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Negative Thinking is exactly what you need.

I can hear you saying, "Who is this crazy lady? Does she really believe negative thinking is good for you? And she calls herself a psychotherapist. Doesn't she know that you need to think positively, not negatively, to have a good life and be less depressed? Is she...

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