If you are stressed and have difficulty coping with it,  it is time to look at what you need to learn to help you become a more resilient person in the future.

Here are some characteristics that researchers have discovered occur most frequently in resilient people who can comfortably deal with stress. To some degree these are genetic, but research also shows that you can cultivate these characteristics to master any crisis. Whether they are based in genetics or are learned over time doesn’t matter. You can practice and learn them now. Don’t give up.

Resilient people are like young, flexible trees.

They can twist in a storm, but do not snap.

Instead they spring back when the storm is over.


Characteristics of resilient people

  • They stay connected to others.
  • They are optimistic.
  • They are spiritual.
  • They are playful and enjoy themselves as children do.
  • They wonder about things, experiment, and laugh.
  • They pick their battles. They focus on things over which they have some influence and not on things they can’t control.
  • They give back to others.
  • They stay as healthy as possible.
  • They find the silver linings in problems.
  • They gain strength from adversity.

To discover how you can become more resilient read my 20 steps in my book: How to Cope with Stress after Trauma available on Amazon by E. Anna Goodwin. Although it is mainly for veterans and families the steps are for anyone having difficulty dealing with stress.

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