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Meet E. Anna Goodwin, stress and trauma recovery expert:


Trusted Expert, Counselor and Teacher

E Anna Goodwin Pro Shot 2 croppedAnna Goodwin is a psychotherapist and lecturer turned writer and professional speaker. Anna has over 30 years of counseling and teaching experience related to families, veterans, mental health professionals and care givers dealing with trauma and stress resulting from domestic strife, sexual abuse, life trauma and the agonies of war.


Author Extraordinaire

Anna applies her extensive knowledge and experience with those suffering from trauma and stress in her highly acclaimed book, “How to Cope with Stress After a Trauma: Especially for Veterans, their Families, and Friends” This book provides practical knowledge and steps for those recovering from the effects of trauma-induced stress in their lives.

Anna also co-authored a renowned textbook for counselors and psychologists entitled Sandplay Therapy: A Step-by-Step Manual for Psychotherapists of Diverse Orientations published by WW Norton.  Sandplay is a powerful healing technique that utilizes a small tray with wet or dry sand in which clients create scenes using miniature objects.

Under the pen name of Ana Parker Goodwin, Anna authored a fictional, psychological suspense thriller “Justice Forbidden,” the first book in a trilogy based on her real-life experiences in dealing with post-traumatic stress clients.  In them, her heroine and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Faythe Bradington, tackles some of the greatest controversies still raging in psychology today:

What are the latest facts about Memory?

Are there false memories?

Can memories be repressed and then remembered years later?


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